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30 Best Female Poses for Portrait Photography

Experimenting with different posing techniques is crucial to capture great images of women. There are numerous female poses available that can either make or break an image. In this guide, we have listed 30 of our best female poses and photography tips that can help you learn how to pose models effectively. With these tips, you can diversify your images and create stunning photographs.

Hands in the Air

If you like dreamy female poses, this one’s for you! The model needs to raise her hands. She can close her eyes, lean on an arm, or look at the sky. Make sure her expression looks relaxed and natural.

You can shoot against the light to make your portraits look dreamier.

Flip Hair

All your model needs to do is flip her hair. Ask her to close her eyes so that you don’t end up with awkward facial expressions!

Make sure you use a fast shutter speed to take sharp photos. If you like dreamy portrait photography, you can use a slower shutter speed. This will create motion blur.

This is a very common female pose, but it’s still something you can include in a few of your photos.

Rest on Hand and Look Up

This is a relaxed pose to try at the end of your photoshoot. Ask your model to put one elbow on a table and rest her head on her hand. Next, she should look up at the sky.

This will create a sparkle in her eye. It will also create an even amount of light on her face. These two factors will allow you to take well-lit and dreamy portrait photos.

Lean on a Wall

This is a casual but effective female pose. Your model should stand with her back straight in front of a wall. Next, she should lean her head on the wall. This needs to be very subtle so her neck doesn’t bend back too much.

You can add sunglasses or other accessories to make this pose stand out.

Look Over Shoulder

Your model should look over her shoulder as she stands or sits.

This is a very common female pose in portrait photography. It works well in almost any location and lighting setup. Female poses like this create a feeling of confidence and superiority.

Rest on a Soft Surface

This is one of those relaxed photography poses that’s perfect for any model.

Your model should sit on a comfortable surface. This can be a bed, a table, or a couch. She can rest her head on both of her hands. She can also look into the distance or look at your camera.

For this female pose, you can shoot at eye level or go slightly higher. Shooting at eye level will make your model look comfortable. Shooting from a higher angle will create a feeling of sensitivity or vulnerability. These emotions work very well in emotive portrait photography.

One Hand on Hip

This is one of the most confident female poses out there. Your model should put one hand on her hip. The other hand can hold something, like a drink. She can also put her free hand on her leg to create a more relaxed pose.

This pose will accentuate your model’s curves and make her look cool.

Knees Up, Hands on Feet

This is an effective female pose for studio portrait photography. You’ll need to use a comfortable stool for the best results.

Your model should bring her knees to her chest. She should also rest her head on her knees and put her hands on her feet. This is an elegant pose that’s ideal for dancers. You can also use it in surreal or conceptual portrait photography.

Feel free to add props to this pose. Flowers, curtains, and smoke bombs can all make the pose look more elegant.

Hands in Pockets

If you’re looking for casual standing poses, this idea is perfect for you. Instead of standing awkwardly in front of the camera, your model should put her hands in her pockets. This will instantly make her look edgy.

Standing female poses like this are often used in lifestyle photography. You can use it as often as you like without making your pictures look boring.

Casually Place Elbows on Table

Casual poses are ideal for lifestyle or studio photography. You might also like to use them in minimalistic portrait photography.

For this pose, all you need is a table and some fun props. Your model should put her elbows on the table and tilt her head to the side. This will make her look relaxed. You can put a book, a drink, or some fruit on the table to tell a story about the model.

Squat (AKA Baddie Pose)

This is one of the most popular female poses on social media. You might have seen it on Instagram, where celebrities like Kylie Jenner like to use it often. It can give your portraits a cool, edgy look.

All your model has to do is squat. Ideally, she should lean on one leg and stretch the other one out. This will create a balanced pose and make her look slimmer.

Lie on Floor

This is one of the simplest female poses you can use in your photoshoot. Despite its simplicity, it’s very effective for all kinds of portrait photography.

Your model should just lie on the floor. She can put her hands in her hair, lift a leg, or do anything that makes her look casual and relaxed.

The Cosy Pose

If you’re looking for more female poses for autumn or winter, this one’s for you! The model should cross her arms. It should look like she’s hugging herself.

To make this pose look more relaxed, make sure your model closes her eyes and slightly lifts her head.

Hands in Hair

This is a common pose for those who want to learn how to pose as a model. You can use it in photoshoots with beginner or test models who need more experience. It’s simple and works well with every body type!

The model should put both hands in her hair. She can also slightly lift her chin to look more confident.

Stretch Arm Out Towards Lens

This is a great female pose for creative portrait photography. It’s an easy way to make your photos stand out without trying too hard. It’s also a very easy pose for all kinds of models.

All your model has to do is stretch her arm out towards your lens. She can hold something, like a cup, as she does this. Use a large aperture and focus on the model. This will keep her face in focus but blur out her hand, creating a foreground.

One Leg in Front of the Other

There are many standing model poses out there. This is a popular one that can make any female model look great.

Ask your model to put one leg in front of the other. She can lean on her back leg and raise her front leg a little bit, as pictured above.

Hands on Cheeks

This is a great female pose for portrait photography close-ups. Your model should put both of her hands on her cheeks. The more symmetrical, the better.

She shouldn’t push on her face too hard to avoid unflattering marks.

One Hand on Mouth

This is a variation of the previous pose. This time, your model should gently place only one hand on her mouth. She can also tilt her head to the side and slightly open her mouth.

This female pose is great for emphasising hands, nails, and lips.

Sit on Chair, Toes Pointing Out

Take a few photos of your model sitting on a chair or couch with her toes pointing out.

Her legs should be slightly bent to create a flattering curve on her body. She can turn away from the camera to create a sense of mystery.

Lie on Stomach

This is an easy female pose for indoor portrait photography. Have your model lie on a clean surface, such as a wooden floor.

She should lift her legs up behind her. This will make her look relaxed.

Hide Under Duvet

Some female model poses require the use of props. These are often simple and affordable. You can use them over and over again to make your photography poses stand out.

Ask your model to wrap a duvet around herself. You can experiment with different facial expressions

Lie on Side

Ask your model to lie on her side. She can rest her head on her arm and look straight at the camera.

This is one of the best model poses for casual pictures.

Lie on the Edge of a Bed

This is a great pose to add to your list of fun photography poses. It will work wonderfully if your female model has long hair.

Ask her to lie on a bed or a couch. Her head can be on the edge so that her hair can flow downwards. This will emphasise her hair length and give you very creative results.

Take a Few Steps Forward

This is a common pose in lifestyle portrait photography. Focus on your model, making sure you lock the focus. Then, ask her to move a few steps forward. Move with her so that all of your photos remain sharp.

The model can either look at you, straight ahead, or down.

Put One Leg on Top of the Other

You should try this pose at least once during your photo session. It can give your model a boost of confidence and make your portrait photos look striking.

All the female model has to do is put one leg on top of the other. She can put her arm on the bent knee and rest on her hand for a more relaxed look.

Lean Back

This is a pose that you can combine with other portrait poses. Your model should stand sideways to your camera and slightly lean back. She shouldn’t lean on anything.

This will accentuate her curves and make her look elegant.

Hands Behind Neck

This is a great pose for elegant female photos. Your model should look straight at the camera while she holds her neck with one or two hands. Make sure she does this gently so that she doesn’t look aggressive!

When you take close-up photos, try to shoot at eye level to avoid making your model’s face look too large. This is a female posing technique you should keep in mind at all times!

Hide Behind a Scarf

You can use this to emphasise the colour of your model’s eyes. All she needs to do is hide behind a scarf or a colourful piece of fabric. Ideally, it should complement her skin tone and eye colour.

You can use a zoom lens to make this model posing trick comfortable for your model. This way, you won’t get uncomfortably close, and she’ll have lots of space to experiment with different expressions.

Sit Sideways to the Camera and Look Forward

Take photos of your model sitting with her side to the camera. She should look straight ahead as you shoot her profile.

This is one of the most striking portrait poses for atmospheric and dreamy photos. Try shooting from a distance so that you can capture the model and her surroundings at the same time.

Pull Hair From Both Sides

If you like playful female model poses, you’ll love this tip! This will work best if your model has medium-length or long hair.

Ask your model to pull her hair from both sides. She can also experiment with different facial expressions.


The female model posing tips this list are great for all kinds of portrait photography. You can use them as posing guides in every portrait photoshoot you have.

The more female poses you experiment with, the more diverse and eye-catching your photos will look. This will make your subjects feel more comfortable when they work with you.

Most importantly, it will give your portrait photography portfolio the boost it deserves.



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