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Boudoir Photography Props – Minimal Props for Maximum Effect

Boudoir Photography Props – Minimal Props for Maximum Effect

Boudoir photography doesn’t always involve large indoor spaces, a great lighting setup, and extravagant outfits. You can also master it using everyday objects as boudoir photography props.

Here’s how to take photos that are just as stunning as ones taken in a professional setting with minimal props.

Use a Simple Bed With White Sheets to Make Your Model Stand Out


As a boudoir photographer, you’ll have to take at least a few photos of the model posing on a bed. To make their lingerie and facial expressions stand out, make sure the bed isn’t distracting.

You can also add a few vibrant pillows to make the background look interesting. This is more than enough for a successful boudoir session.

Once you have a bed, you can start focusing on the lighting. Natural light is just as effective as professional studio light. It’s a little uncontrollable on cloudy days.

Pick a day that’s sunny. The fewer clouds, the better. Move the bed over to a large window. And now you have your own mini-studio!

Also, pay attention to the background. If the wall is visible, make sure its colors don’t clash with the model’s lingerie. You can hang bedsheets or a large sheet of paper in front of it to create a professional studio look.

Use neutral colors for classic boudoir portraits. If you want something moodier, use a black backdrop. Again, you can use bedsheets or paper.

Use Milk Baths to Take Sensual Boudoir Portraits

women portrait

For milk bath portraits, all you need is a bathtub (one that you can move closer to a window), milk, and lots of water. You can also use (soy) milk powder instead of actual milk.

Fill your bathtub with water (the more the better), and add some milk. If you’re using powder, make sure the water is warm enough to dissolve it properly.

Once the model is in the water, you can take dreamy and sensual photos. To make your pictures even more romantic, ask your model to hold a flower or place flower petals around her.

Make sure you’re shooting next to a large source of natural light, such as a window. That way your photos don’t end up looking too dark or grainy.

Buy Antique Props to Give Your Boudoir Photos a Vintage Feel

Boudoir photography doesn’t always have to focus on the model’s lingerie. You might get better results if you tell a story using props that aren’t associated with the genre.

Antique telephones, cameras, books, and lamp holders can all complement the model’s outfit and the theme of your photoshoot. You’ll find all of these props for a good price in your local thrift store.

Instead of posing next to the props, the model can interact with them. She can act like she’s talking on the phone, reading a book, or looking at herself in the mirror.

Combine Fairy Lights and Bedsheets for Colourful Pictures

women portrait

If your only prop is a white bed sheet, your photos will look a little dull. To fix this, use fairy lights. They’ll create a little more light and give you a chance to take photos full of bokeh.

The colors you choose depend on your taste, but keep a few exceptions in mind.

Cool colors like blue and purple might not complement your theme. Colors that are too vibrant might look unflattering on the model’s skin. To make your photos look more romantic, use warmer colors like orange, red, and yellow.

Use Stairs to Take Photos From Unusual Angles

women portrait

You can experiment with locations to make your photos stand out even more. Stairs are a great place to start as you probably already have access to them.

Ask your model to pose on the stairs the same way she would on a bed. She can use the curve of the stairs to curve her body elegantly.

If you shoot a few steps above her, you’ll get a visually aesthetic composition. The pattern of the stairs, combined with a flattering pose, will result in unique boudoir portraits.

To make your pictures even more creative, shoot through the staircase railing using a large aperture like f/2.0.

This will blur the railings. Use the resulting lines to lead the viewer’s eye to a specific part of your composition, such as the model’s face.

Hide Parts of the Model’s Body to Create Mystery

women portrait
For photos like this, the only boudoir photography props you need are a bed and something to cover the model’s body. Make sure the prop you’re using complements everything around it. Neutral colors are the best choice for images like this.

You can add a touch of mystery to your photos by covering parts of the model’s body. This will make your portraits look intriguing and give you more posing ideas to work with.

You can use blankets, oversized sweaters, or scarves to reveal specific parts of her body. If the photos are being made for a partner, they can wear the partner’s clothes so the results have an intimate feel.

Use Curtains to Create Soft Silhouettes

women portrait
Curtains are some of the best boudoir photography props out there. You can use them to hide parts of the model’s body, soften outdoor light, and create soft silhouettes like this.

As you already know, your model doesn’t have to be completely visible in every shot. Another way to approach intrigue is to create sensual outlines using soft light. To achieve this, all you need is a curtain.

Ask your model to stand in front of a large window. It doesn’t have to be sunny outside for this to work. Stand in front of her so that you can shoot directly against the window light.

The soft backlight will create a silhouette with a few highlighted parts. Parts of your subject’s face and chest will be visible. You can enhance this further with a reflector.

Use Everyday Objects to Make Your Photos Look Fun and Casual

women portrait

Boudoir photos don’t always have to be serious. If your model is joyful and bubbly, why not reflect that in your photos? You can use everyday objects to tell a story about her.

For example, if she enjoys drinking coffee, have her hold a mug that matches her lingerie. If she likes reading, ask her to pose on a bed full of books.

These details will help you go beyond taking lifeless photos and still allow you to maintain the sensuality that’s so important in boudoir photography.


Boudoir photography props are everywhere, and many of them are completely free.

With the help of your imagination, you can take boudoir photos that are not only visually appealing but also meaningful.


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