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Canon firmware update: the new potential of the EOS R system

Canon announces new firmware updates for the EOS R3 and EOS R5 cameras in response to user feedback and requests. For EOS R3, firmware v1.40 makes it easy to shoot fast moving subjects with Panning Assist, while firmware v1.81 for EOS R5 offers advanced resolution. Canon also announces new features coming to its Mobile File Transfer app, making it even more intuitive and adaptable to workflows.

A new tool for sports photography

With firmware v1.40, EOS R3 is the perfect ally for action photography. The new Panning Assist feature exclusive to Canon makes the optical stabilization of the image even more precise and effective, helping to increase the chances of a successful photo with the technique of panning. Photographers will now be able to shoot with exposure times up to two stops slower than previously possible, preserving the sharpness of the subject’s details.

The Digic X image processor on board EOS R3, already able to recognize subjects and follow their movement, now also manages to predict their trajectory within the frame in subsequent frames. By aligning the action of optical stabilization on board the stabilized RF optics, you increase the amount of shots that can be used within each burst.

canon eos r 3

The protagonists of the scene always perfectly in focus

The new update not only offers extremely fast shots for sports photography. EOS R3 now allows you to pre-register up to 10 people so that their faces can be detected and tracked according to the priority set in the camera[i]. A particularly useful function when recovering groups of people during special events, such as weddings.

Simplify your creative workflows

Both v1.40 firmware updates for EOS R3 and v1.81 for EOS R5 allow you to automatically protect images transferred via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). An important novelty for professionals who can now speed up their workflows and easily locate images already transmitted when they download the card to the laptop.

Advanced resolution

Firmware v1.81 for EOS R5 allows the built-in IBIS mechanism to incrementally move the sensor to each photograph and process a composite image directly into the camera for higher resolution photos up to 400 megapixels. This level of detail is perfect for photographers who want to capture amazing architecture and landscapes.

canon eos r 5

Mobile File Transfer optimized

In addition, Canon has announced new features coming soon for its Mobile File Transfer app, designed to meet the growing needs of users. The Mobile File Transfer app allows you to upload and transfer large amounts of images to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers using 5G mobile devices. Updates include a lock screen to prevent accidental drive during transfer and the ability to change FTP server settings before transfer for maximum productivity. The user interface (UI) has also been improved in response to feedback from professionals.

EOS R3 Firmware Update, Version 1.4.0

EOS R5 Firmware Update, Version 1.8.1

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