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How Was This Picture Made #04?

To continue our “How was this picture taken?” series, I would like to invite our readers to analyze this photograph and try to figure out how it was made. It may not seem out-of-the-ordinary at first glance, but this was one of the most technically-difficult photographs I have ever taken. In fact, my post-processing was particularly interesting for this image, and I employed a technique that I have used only three or four other times in my life.

The answer has been posted here.

Here are the questions related to this image:

  1. Is this a single photograph?
  2. What “unusual” post-processing did I do for this image?
  3. Did I use any filters while I was in the field?
  4. Which settings did I use for the photo? In particular, what was my exposure compensation (using matrix metering)?
  5. And just for fun – was this photograph taken at sunrise or sunset?

Good luck! The answers to these five questions will be revealed soon.

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