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How Was This Picture Made #05?

For Part 5 of our How Was This Picture Taken series, I present to you: this portrait.

The answer has been posted here.

This is Sander. We worked together to create some high school senior portraits a few years ago and this has to be one of my favorite images from the day. While it might look like a fairly straightforward portrait, I’ll admit that there was a bit of work done on it in post production. My question to you is: how was this picture created?

A few things to consider:

  1. What camera and lens were used?
  2. What camera settings were used?
  3. What was the light source (or sources)?
  4. What was done in post production?
  5. What was the setting where this image was taken?
  6. Just for fun, at what point in our portrait session was this created? (thanks to Spencer’s post for making me think of this question)

You can now see the answer to how this picture was made here.

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