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How Was This Picture Made #08?

For Part 8 of our How Was This Picture Taken? series, I have chosen the following photograph to share. On two recent road trips into the desert near my home base in Southern California, I had the pleasure of going on two landscape photo shoots, both of which I plan to write a photo essay for Photography Life readers very soon. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun and educational to post one particular photograph and invite our readers to share their thoughts on how this photo was visualized and constructed. Also, I thought that by sharing technical aspects on the making of this photograph in advance of my upcoming essay, the narrative and images in my essay might be aesthetically richer.

The answer has been posted here.

Please, consider the following:

  1. What mood is conveyed by this photograph? That is, what was the photographer feeling and seeing at the decisive moment of opening the shutter? And what do you, as the viewer, feel and see with this photograph?
  2. What tools were used to construct this photograph, and what could have been the rationale for these tools?
  3. Is there any salient feature of the lighting used?
  4. Any thoughts on the exposure strategy?
  5. Any thoughts on post-processing, if any?

Of note, this past week I had already posted this photo to my one-line photography galleries along with salient information on this photograph. Although I always welcome visitors to my galleries, I would kindly ask our readers to temporarily resist the temptation to view this photograph on my gallery and then promptly return to regurgitate the details in the comments section below, which would defeat the purpose of this exercise.

Please, check back at the end of this week for my thoughts on the making of this photograph.

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