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Tips For Better Portrait Shoots

If you're looking to enhance your portrait photography skills, look no further! These helpful tips are sure to take your photography game to the next level.

Boudoir photography is a very popular photography genre. From wedding to portrait photographers, a boudoir can be a great addition to one’s portfolio.

Ask the Client for a List of Strengths and Insecurities to Strengthen Your Bond

If you’re going to take intimate photos of a model in lingerie, you have to know how she feels about her body.

This doesn’t mean you have to ask her for uncomfortable information.

Ask her to give you a list of poses, angles, and expressions she’s comfortable with. If needed, make a questionnaire with the following questions:

  • What makes you feel confident in life? This can be an item of clothing, a personal achievement, or even another person. Talking about these things can give your model a boost of confidence.
  • Are there any angles that make you feel insecure about yourself? This will show your model that you care about her point of view.
  • Are there any props you’d like to take photos with? This is a simple question, but it can help you take your boudoir photos to the next level.

Once you know what makes her feel confident and what she’d like to avoid, you’ll have a better client-photographer relationship. You’ll find it easier to communicate throughout the photoshoot.

Extra tip: if you’re a woman working with female clients, try to relate with them. You can share your own insecurities or opinions about body image if you want. This will make her feel supported and understood.

Don’t Hesitate to Avoid Awkwardness

If you often work with clients, it’s likely that many of them aren’t professional models.

When posing in lingerie, the last thing your model will want is awkward silence or hesitation. Even if you pause to think about an idea, she might take it as a bad sign and feel out of place.

Whether you’re fully prepared or not, act confident. Experiment with different angles and ideas. If you’re thinking about a specific concept and need to pause for a moment, let your model know.

If you still feel awkward, loosen up by telling a joke or taking a break. Most people find it easy to loosen up when they know that someone is enjoying their company.

Your bold approach to boudoir photography will make your models feel more relaxed in your presence. This is bound to improve the quality of your photoshoot.

Shoot from a Distance to Avoid Distortion

If shooting from a distance creates too much space, you can add interesting elements to your composition. For example, you can shoot through (or next to) a curtain to fill negative space. You can also shoot through props like flowers to add a boost of colour to your images. Details like this are what make some boudoir photographers stand out so much.

The closer you are to your model, the wider she’ll look. This is especially true for wide-angle lens users. Pay attention to the distance between your subject and yourself.

Shoot at least a few steps away from your model. You’ll find it easier to create interesting compositions. It will also be easier to capture both her beauty and her lingerie in one visually aesthetic shot.

In small rooms, you can create more space by shooting through mirrors or taking photos from a step ladder.

You can also shoot through a window to take sensual portraits with stunning reflections. Make sure you don’t stand directly in front of your model so your silhouette doesn’t end up in the reflection!

To Take Meaningful Photos, Avoid Empty Expressions

Don’t ask your model to look at a random spot. This will make her expressions meaningless and result in awkward-looking portraits.

Instead, ask her to think of a loved one or a special moment in her life. This form of subtle acting will relax your models and give you lots of dreamy expressions to work with.

You can also distract her by having a conversation throughout the shoot. There’s nothing wrong with candid boudoir photos.

In fact, having a few spontaneous shots will make your results more diverse.

Use Different Angles to Make Your Photos Look More Captivating

If you stick to the same styles and techniques, your photoshoot won’t be able to reach its full potential. It’s important to try out different things.

The more angles you shoot from, the easier it will be to find your model’s best poses. Show her your photos regularly so she can pick her favorite angles.

This collaboration, though small, will improve your relationship. And it’ll help your model feel comfortable in her own skin.

Use Props to Turn Simple Photos into Breathtaking Ones

Boudoir photography props don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Your model can hold something that means a lot to her.

This will add emotional depth to your photos and give your subject something to focus on.

Not knowing what to do with your hands can feel awkward. If she has something to hold on to, she might feel more secure.

You can also play with outfit props like glasses, blankets, fairy lights, etc.

Use Natural and Artificial Lighting to Find Your Ideal Style

What makes photography so beautiful is that it can be approached from any angle imaginable. This means that you have your own unique style that can take your boudoir photos to the next level.

One of the most effective ways to discover your style is to play with light. Don’t limit yourself to natural or artificial light only.

The more lighting techniques you’re aware of, the easier it will be to take flattering photos of different body types. The more potential you see in the light, the easier it will be to have a smooth photoshoot no matter where you are.


Boudoir photography doesn’t have to be awkward for you or your model.

With these 7 tips, you can make your subjects feel comfortable and take amazing photos at the same time.

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