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Current Nikon Lens Discounts, Rebates, and Sales


This is a reference article with all of Nikon’s current lens discounts, plus my thoughts on which deals are the best. Nikon doesn’t have very many sales going on at the moment, but here are the current ones.

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  1. Nikon D7500 with 18-140mm lens for $1400 (was $1500) – This is a small deal on what is admittedly a very good DSLR, so if you were planning to get the D7500, now is not a bad time. That said, with Nikon’s transition to mirrorless, it may be the better long-term decision to go with something like the Nikon Z50 or Z5 instead.
  2. Nikon D7500 with 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses for $1400 (was $1500) – As with the deal above, this is a small savings off the using Nikon D7500 price. Between these two kits, I would go with this one because the dual lenses serve a nice purpose. Rather than maxing out at 140mm, this lets you go to 300mm so long as you’re willing to change lenses.
  3. Nikon Z5 for $1300 (was $1400) – The Z5 is perennially on sale from Nikon and sometimes at greater discounts than $100 off. However, it’s an excellent full-frame mirrorless camera that doesn’t compromise on much compared to the more costly Nikon Z6 II. You can increase the amount of discount by buying it with a lens:
  4. $105 off with the 24-50mm f/4-6.3
  5. $200 off with the 24-200mm f/4-6.3
  6. $500 off with the 24-70mm f/4
  7. Nikon Z50 with 16-50mm and 50-250mm lenses for $1200 (was $1350) – This is the deal I’d recommend instead of the Nikon D7500 sales. The Z50 is a very good DX mirrorless camera, and with these two lenses, you’ll have most of the common focal lengths covered.
  8. Nikon Z6 body only for $1600 (was $2000) – I’m not surprised that Nikon is putting the Z6 on sale now that the Z6 II has been on the market for a while. Still, the Z6 remains an excellent camera, and the $400 discount is not bad. You can save a lot more than this by buying the Z6 used, but if you’re only willing to buy new, this is a good option.
  9. Nikon Z7 body only for $2500 (was $2800) – As with the Z6, it’s no surprise why the Z7 is on sale considering the Z7 II replacing it. But if you need a high-resolution camera on a budget (and the Z7 has an identical sensor as the Z7 II), this could be a worthwhile deal. However, as with the Z6, used prices on the Z7 are so low right now that I’d probably look on eBay first instead.

NIKON Z 7 + NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S @ 14mm, ISO 64, 6/10, f/16.0

That’s all the notable deals at the moment. It’s not really deals season for Nikon at the moment, but if you were considering any of these cameras already, it’s hard to complain about a sale, even if it’s a pretty small one. I’ll keep this article up to date whenever I notice any new Nikon sales, so keep your eyes peeled.


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