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How Was This Picture Made #02?

This is our second iteration of the “How was this picture taken?” series of articles and this time we have a fun picture to dissect – the Total Lunar Eclipse, a.k.a. the “Blood Moon”, which took place on the 27th of September. I had the chance to photograph the Blood Moon along with a few other Colorado Fall Color workshop participants last week, so after I put together the image below, I thought it would be fun to ask our readers about this one to see if they can figure out exactly how the below image was captured:

The answer has been posted here.

Here are the questions to answer this time:

  1. What equipment was used to capture the Moon phases and did it matter?
  2. What was the focal length?
  3. Specifically how was the Blood Moon captured and at what camera settings?
  4. How was the foreground captured and when?
  5. Is this a composite image or is it possible to capture the moon in a single shot like above?
  6. What post-processing steps were used to yield the above result?

I am sure those who have tried photographing the moon will most likely be able to answer most of the above questions, but let’s see if anyone can figure it all out!

P.S. A high-resolution 4096-pixel wide image will be released for the public domain when I provide the answer!

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