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How Was This Picture Made #06?

For Part 6 of our How Was This Picture Taken series, we have this very special photo of the Photography Life Team:

UPDATE #1: The detailed answer has already been posted!
UPDATE #2: Come on guys, this was an April Fool’s joke! We will always continue reviewing a variety of brands and we won’t sell out.

PL Team Retreat in Puerto Rico

This group photo was taken during our team retreat in Puerto Rico earlier this year. Just looking at it brings back fond memories of laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean with these amazing people. Well, at least with most of these people. John Sherman was always off somewhere photographing iguanas naked.

Before we get too far into the post, you might have noticed the amazing shirts that we’re all wearing. It’s time for a big announcement: Photography Life is now sponsored by Canon! That means from this point forward, we will only be reviewing Canon equipment. We feel that this is the best fit for this web site and were in no way influenced by an all-expense paid trip to Puerto Rico. Also, we have been unofficially told that Canon is heavily working on a DSLR / mirrorless hybrid, which is exactly what our team has been waiting for, so it is time to embrace the new technology.

Now, back to the photo. After spending so much quality time together in such a magical place, we had to have a group photo before we left. Of course, this being Photography Life, we couldn’t just take an ordinary photo. We needed to do something special.

We spent hours planning this photo. We cleaned sensors, calibrated lenses, checked weather forecasts, computed and recomputed the hyperfocal distance, figured out the spherical aberration, chromatic aberration and vignetting levels of the new Canon lens and then… we waited. For two hours. Once the wind was calm, the light was perfect and a rainbow appeared: Click!

Now we don’t want you to get the wrong idea. This image isn’t so amazing because it was taken on a beautiful beach in Puerto Rico. It is amazing because when seven photographers put their heads together and try to create an amazing photo, you get an amazing photo! Also, because it was taken with a Canon camera (ahem ahem Nikon shooters!).

So, on to the point of this post. How was this image created? There are a few questions we have for you about this image:

  1. Is there anything unusual about how this image was created?
  2. Was there anything done in post processing?
  3. What is the serial number of the tripod we used?
  4. What size of shoe does Nasim wear?
  5. Why can’t you see John’s legs?
  6. Is it any coincidence we posted this on April 1?

We’ll reveal how this images was created very soon. You won’t want to miss it!

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